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Waterborne coatings vs oily coatings

With the improvement of people’s living standard and the pursuit of environmental protection, the waterborne coatings for home improvement have developed rapidly. So what is the difference between waterborne coatings and traditional oil-based coatings?
Componential analysis:
Water borne coatings are water used as solvent or as dispersing medium. They include 3 kinds of water soluble coatings, water diluted coatings and water dispersible coatings (latex paints). Water soluble coatings are made of water soluble resins. They are represented by polyvinyl alcohol and various modified substances. In addition, there are water-soluble alkyd resin, water-soluble epoxy resin and inorganic high polymer water resin.
Oily coating also called oil paint, is mainly a drying oil paint film material, mainly oil, thick paint, oil paint blending, oily antirust paint and putty, putty, etc.. The main oils used are tung oil, linseed oil, catalpa oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, fish oil and so on. It is characterized by easy production, low price, good brushing, flexible coating and good permeability. The disadvantage is slow drying and poor physical and chemical properties of coatings. Most of them are now replaced by synthetic resins with good properties.
Environmental characteristics analysis:
Water based paint as a diluent for water, harmless to human health, and oily coatings to banana water, take water as a diluent, containing xylene and other harmful carcinogens.
Waterborne coatings in use because of no toxic and carcinogenic substances, non-toxic and tasteless, can stay after brushing; paint containing a strong pungent smell, the gas contains large amounts of harmful substances, harm to human health, generally 1-2 months after use, strong pungent odor volatile to basically tasteless, but still a large number of harmful gas 10-15 will release.
Because of its non-toxic and pollution-free characteristics, waterborne coatings have been favored by consumers and will replace oily coatings in the future.

French research focuses on the safety of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in foods

A focus on daily consumer products research journal said 24 survey shows that nanoscale titanium dioxide particles on the French market selling all kinds of sweets in almost all has different content, the threat of the magazine called attention to the long-term consumption of nanoparticles on human health may constitute.
A survey released sponsored by the French National Consumer Research Institute “60 million consumers” magazine shows that including candy, cakes, frozen desserts and other 18 kinds of common brands of sweets are additives containing titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide in these TiO2 nanoparticles, to exist in the form of accounts for 10% of the total to 100%. The magazine criticized some manufacturers for failing to mark “nano material” on the packaging in accordance with EU regulations.
Titanium dioxide, often called titanium dioxide or titanium sugar, is a loose white powder, a common food and cosmetic additive, and the food and Drug Administration considers it safe. It is often added to toothpaste, chocolate to increase texture, or used in doughnuts, skim milk and other foods, so that its color is more bright and attractive. In addition, due to the better UV shielding effect of titanium dioxide, some sunscreen cosmetics will also add this component.
Although titanium dioxide is generally considered safe, investigators say it is common to see if it is safe to eat in the form of tiny particles with a diameter of less than 100 nanometers. Because nanoparticles are easy to enter human cells, the existing scientific research is not clear whether titanium dioxide nanoparticles will damage human cells and lead to lesions.
The controversy over titanium dioxide nanoparticles in food is not the first. In January this year, the French National Institute for agricultural research has released a report that let the mice ate the amount of nano particles is titanium dioxide from 40% to 45%, and the dosage is generally believed that human edible dose is similar to that for one hundred days, mice in the colon was benign lesions (e.g. polyps) significantly enhance the speed of development.
“60 million consumers” magazine said that although the study does not prove that the consumption of titanium dioxide nanoparticles may increase cancer risk in humans, but still need the possible health hazards are vigilant, hope that the parties concerned as soon as possible for more study.

Ether market overall shortage of cash supply situation continues to ferment

Polyether market prices since mid June rebound window opened, the rally has been postponed to July. At the end of July and early August, with epoxy propane pre maintenance device will resume as well as Jilin Shenhua epoxy ethane plant storage plans to restart, propylene oxide, polyether prices slowed down into the digestive finishing stage. The second week of August, the overall supply of cash shortage situation continues to ferment, polyether prices go up, a repeat of last year’s “golden nine silver ten” during the hot market.
The downstream foam factory is short of stock. Affected by environmental inspectors, the lower part of the backward production capacity to accelerate the elimination of demand overall as a tightening situation. Polyether foam plastics factory of soft global purchasing enthusiasm has been tepid, the overall performance of stage procurement cycle, reduce the number, and with the increasingly high price of polyether, just need to purchase mode of polyether shortage.
Soft foam total yield decreased. Ethylene oxide is short of fuel, fueling the rise. Soft foam polyether profit is low, polyether manufacturers in high cost, low demand pressure, the focus is mainly on other high profit products, soft foam production has been reduced. With 7 months of ethylene oxide supply shortage situation highlights, Jan Huojin price a polyether soft foam sponge factory, crazy chase downstream aggravate soft cargo tight situation, soft foam polyether as the basis for other products driving the price of polyether products have go up.
Propylene oxide continues to be in short supply, providing key support for the market. As the main raw materials of polyether, although the early repair devices in August have been restored, but with the Shenhua Jilin has not yet put into operation and new repair good following, propylene oxide spot shortage situation continues. At the same time, the demand for the better with the increase in orders, polyether, polyether manufacturers of epoxy propane procurement efforts to increase, exacerbating the stock shortage of propylene oxide, propylene oxide and substantial price increases, the cost of polyether pressure surge, offer to go up wide pressure.
Under the combined influence of the above factors, polyether prices opened frenzied rally in the second week of August, repeating the glorious rally in the past year. Despite the recent rapid rise, prices hit a new high this year, but since mid July to regain profits since the situation upside down from polyether, polyether theory up to now, the average profit of only 337 yuan / ton, ratio of propylene oxide is still a far cry from the high profits.
August polyether trend brilliant, 9 and October polyether market will be how? The raw materials, although the Jilin Shenhua propylene oxide deposit to restart the program, but because of the early stopping time is longer, the process is more complex, the short-term load of epoxy propane temporarily difficult to full, plus the end of September and early October the polyether device also plans to restart deposit, increase the overall supply of propylene oxide late co.. Recently, the Shandong environmental protection inspector storm is strong, the traditional chlorohydrin process of propylene oxide and more concentrated in the Shandong area, having started with propylene oxide device instability, coupled with the manufacturers of epoxy propane polyether having insufficient reserves, demand will still support. Overall, in late 8, until the “golden nine silver ten”, propylene oxide will be based on high shock finishing.
Secondly, see polyether downstream demand side, despite the recent prices rose as TDI, polyether downstream costs increased pressure on polyether resentment warming, individual small factories overwhelmed, temporarily closed down, but the downstream of polyether still just need support, and inventory is generally not high, “Kim Gu silver ten” season is about traditional upholstered furniture come under pressure to buy plastic factory orders demand will still support polyether.

In the first half of the year, the industrial output value of Nanjing petrochemical industry increased significantly

Fixed asset investment to maintain the province’s total growth rate
“Double first”, the consumer goods market continues to heat up
Import and export to maintain a high growth rate.
Nanjing Bureau of statistics released data in August 23rd, 1 – July, Nanjing’s economy continued good momentum in the first half of the year, the city’s major economic indicators basically stable.
1 – July, the city’s industrial output value above Designated Size 805 billion 359 million yuan, an increase of 8.3%, an increase of 8.6 percentage points over the same period last year, the overall continuation of the first half of the smooth trend. Among them, the electronic, petrochemical, steel, automobile, the four pillar industries completed a total output value of 536 billion 967 million yuan, an increase of more than 10%, effectively stimulating the city’s industrial output growth.
The city completed 355 billion 962 million yuan of fixed assets investment, an increase of 15.4%, and in the province’s 13 provinces and municipalities, continue to maintain the total and growth rate of “double first.””. Investment in infrastructure grew sharply, more than 50% over the same period last year.
The city achieved a total retail sales of consumer goods 317 billion 740 million yuan, an increase of 11.1%. The upgrading of the consumer demand, sports and entertainment supplies, communications equipment, household appliances and audio-visual equipment, stationery office supplies are growing faster category.
The total import and export volume of the city reached US $33 billion 962 million, an increase of 22.9%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points over 1 – June. Among them, the total export value of 19 billion 589 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 20%, an increase of 1 – 2.4 percentage points lower than in June, but still at a high level of growth.
It is worth mentioning that, this year, the real estate regulatory policies significant effect, the city’s real estate market showed rapid growth in investment, sales declined, the total decline in inventories obvious characteristics. 1 – July, the city’s real estate development investment 130 billion 669 million yuan, an increase of 23.4%, 2.9 percentage points higher than the same period last year; commercial housing sales area of 8 million 772 thousand and 600 square meters, down 5%. As of the end of 7, the city’s commercial housing sales area of 3 million 846 thousand and 900 square meters, down 24.3%.
The same day, Municipal Bureau of statistics released the “Nanjing chemical industry survey report”, as of December 2016, the total number of the city’s chemical industry enterprises 236, accounted for 8.9% over the same period the number of enterprises in the city, but the city’s chemical industry enterprises in 2016 realized a total output value of 239 billion 101 million yuan, accounted for 18.4% of the total industrial output value.
From the geographical distribution of the city’s chemical enterprises, Pukou, Qixia, Jiangning, Liuhe, Lishui, Gaochun and other regions are distributed. Liuhe and chemical industrial parks are the main agglomeration areas of the city’s chemical enterprises, with a total of 107 chemical enterprises in the whole region. In 2016, the output value exceeded the half of the total chemical industry in the whole city”. The chemical industry in Qixia district and Gaochun district also has a certain scale.

Shangyu forced transformation of the chemical industry to form a dominant industry

Chemical industry is a traditional pillar industry in Shaoxing District of Shangyu. In recent years, Shangyu chemical enterprises have always attached importance to environmental protection investment, and devoted all their efforts to upgrading and upgrading traditional industries.
Since last year, Shangyu to build green safety demonstration zone as the goal, to highlight the “green and safe, efficient circulation” guidance, in accordance with the “elimination of clearing a group, a group of reform and improve, foster the development of a number of requirements, and comprehensively promote the chemical industry to enhance remediation. As of July this year, the region’s 173 chemical companies, 100 companies to improve regulation, 20 mergers and acquisitions, 53 shut out.
“Now the chemical enterprises has changed from extensive early to fine, to the requirements of the enterprise in the production management, safety and environmental protection, technology and other aspects are increasingly high, considering these factors, the company’s management decided to change the service from production services to the sales business.” Deputy general manager of the town is located on Shangyu road Shaoxing Hongyang Chemical Co. Ltd. a Nguyen told reporters that the company benefit after the transformation steadily.
Since this year, Shangyu according to the “Zhejiang Province comprehensive upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry action plan (2017-2020)” “Shaoxing traditional industries to upgrade the provincial pilot implementation plan”, the two major chemical printing and dyeing industry especially the chemical industry as the key to improve regulation, leading to promote the restructuring of listed companies, to vigorously promote the transformation of governance, traditional industries the transformation and upgrading, to undertake major reform.
“Upgrade, the transformation of traditional industries as the ruling, will be pain, there will be immediate and local sacrifice, but for the region’s economic and social development will be more long-term, more beautiful future.” Shangyu district leaders said.
At the beginning of July this year, Shangyu district leaders were divided into four groups, centralized office, invited the expert group China Chemical Safety Association stationed in Shangyu to carry out the risk assessment of chemical industry. Since its operations, the organization has organized 5 batches of experts, 82 passengers, 47 enterprises assessed, the pollution serious and small and small enterprises to suspend production for rectification, 24 cases of investigation and prosecution, administrative detention of 3 people.
Through standardized remediation, forced a series of measures to promote innovation and development, mergers and acquisitions, such as chemical industry, Shangyu formed a group with strong competitiveness of the industry and the market right to speak of the enterprise, to achieve the economic benefit, ecological benefit and social benefit win-win.

In 2017 Chinese timber market performance: frequent flash point”

Behind every difficulty, there must be a turning point, as long as the mind clings to the hope, be sure to find a breakthrough point, resolving crisis.
In recent days, Chinese timber market for several months “cold city” erode the working enthusiasm of many businesses, in the face of downstream manufacturers “no hurry” to “wait” mentality, funds on hand tight more is more suffering. However, the crisis in Tibet machine, facing the industry cold city dilemma, there are also “heart hot” people, Tuen warehouse stocking is not lively.
In 2017, Chinese timber market performance, after 2015, the 2016 downturn in 2017 despite the Chinese struggle, timber market has not been fully restored, but the market is frequent “flash point”, red sandalwood, pineapple, padauk, sink your timber market such as treasure is wonderful all make businessmen happy.
According to the China timber price index network monitoring data show that in 2017 1-7 months, the timber composite index at 1140-1170 points in operation, an increase of 2-3%. In March, Guangdong pearl market padauk fish price index at 1223.98 points, an increase of 42.66%, or the top.
Active market trading business promotion, lamented “the worst is over, so in 6, 7, August the traditional off-season occasion, despite the continuous shrinking market so that businesses are quite helpless, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of stocking.
It is understood that the big red sandalwood, red sandalwood is the most promising two wood species for businesses, so businesses are also stocking is positive, of which the peak settled for the two material goods in 6 and July. Market analysts believe that rising prices and the supply of resources is one of the important reasons for timber traders to actively warehouse. At present, the Guangdong market padauk diameter 30-40cm, length 2-2.2 meters at 2.2-2.5 yuan / ton, rose 6000-8000 yuan / ton; red sandalwood from Panama crude saw Fang reported 4700-5500 yuan / ton, rose 500-800 yuan / ton.
However, while people are happy for the good situation, the accompanying market problems have made the business very tangled. This is also an important reason why some Chinese Timber Merchants were happy and worried in 2017.
According to the investigation, because the downstream manufacturers demand growth far less than expected so optimistic, imbalances in supply and demand conditions, timber market competition is more intense, so go to the middle of a common goal and become manufacturers suppliers, which will greatly weaken the dealer business advantage, and this part of the people this is the most painful.
In addition, the cost of pushing up the price of timber also allows downstream manufacturers to wait and see mood four onwards, take the quantity of goods is reduced and then reduced, the purchase and sale of both sides of the game is very fierce game, of which the hedgehog, rosewood business is the most typical.
From the above analysis of the market, it is easy to see, in the downturn in the baptism of China’s timber market is more rational, the market environment is more complex. In this industry to adjust the big wave, the test is our mentality and perseverance. Persevere, start as funerals, clung to the hope of mind, identify the market breakthrough point, to turn the crisis into an opportunity!

Construction of second sets of p-xylene unit in Hainan Refining & Chemical Company

In August 22nd, the construction of second sets of p-xylene unit and xylene tower of Hainan refining and chemical works started, marking the project officially entered the construction stage.
The project integrates the latest scientific research achievements in the field of Sinopec aromatics. Since April since the approval of design basis, Hainan refinery and the construction units in close cooperation, go all out to promote the bidding, design, procurement, construction site preparation work, speed up the progress of project implementation.
According to schedule, the project will be completed in March 2019 and intermediate handover, June feeding test, in September to produce qualified products. After the completion of the project, Hainan refining and chemical company will have p-xylene production capacity of about 1 million 600 thousand tons / year, and become the largest aromatic production base of the group company. The project has good economic and social benefits, by chemical fiber production of p-xylene can substitute for cotton, effectively alleviate the contradiction between grain and cotton for the.

1-7, chemical raw materials and products manufacturing profits grew by 32.2

National Bureau of statistics released August 27th industrial enterprises financial data show that in 2017 1-7 months, industrial enterprises above Designated Size profits grew 21.2%, the growth rate slowed by 0.8 percentage points over 1-6 months. Among them, the profit in July grew by 16.5%, the growth rate slowed 2.6 percentage points over June.
National Bureau of statistics analysis, profit growth slowed mainly by the extreme high temperature weather conditions, some enterprises holiday, stop production and other short-term non economic factors. Overall, with the supply side structural reform continued to advance, corporate performance showed an upturn situation, industrial profits continue to maintain high growth.
1-7 months, above scale industrial enterprises, state-owned enterprises realized a total profit of 927 billion 390 million yuan, an increase of 44.2%; collective enterprises realized profits of 25 billion 940 million yuan, an increase of 3.7% in the total; joint-stock enterprises realized profits of 2 trillion and 990 billion 730 million yuan, a total increase of 22.9%; foreign investment enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan profit 1 trillion and 19 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 17.7% in the total profit of private enterprises; the total amount of 1 trillion and 416 billion 160 million yuan, up 14.2%.
1-7 months, the mining industry realized a total profit of 279 billion 550 million yuan, an increase of 7.9 times; the manufacturing industry realized profits of 3 trillion and 741 billion 310 million yuan, a total increase of 18.1%; electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply industry realized a total profit of 227 billion 260 million yuan, down 25.3%.
1-7 months, in the 41 major industrial sectors, 37 industry profits increased year-on-year, 4 industries decreased. As the main industry profit situation: coal mining and dressing industry gross profit grew 13.7 times, Agro food processing industry increased by 5.7%, 5.4% growth in the textile industry, petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry grew 25.1%, 32.2% growth in chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, non-metallic mineral products industry grew 25.1%, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry an increase of 1 times, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased 45.6%, general equipment manufacturing industry increased by 18.1%, special equipment manufacturing industry grew 22.6%, 11.9% growth in the automotive industry, electrical machinery and equipment 8.7% growth in manufacturing, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry increased by 15.3%, the oil and gas industry by earlier loss to profit, electricity, heat production and supply industry gross profit fell by 31.7%.
1-7 months, above scale industrial enterprises realized main business income of 69 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%; main business cost 59 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%; the main business income margin was 6.09%, an increase of 0.41 percentage points.
At the end of 7, above scale industrial enterprises with total assets of 108 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8%; total liabilities of 60 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 6.6%; total equity of 47 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 9.4%; the rate of assets and liabilities was 55.8%, down 0.7 percentage points.
The end of 7, more than 12 trillion and 900 billion of industrial enterprises accounts receivable, an increase of 9.4%; finished goods inventory 4 trillion and 73 billion 220 million yuan, an increase of 8%.
1-7 months, above scale industrial enterprises the main business revenue per hundred dollars of the cost of 85.72 yuan, down 0.04 yuan; the main business revenue per hundred dollars in the cost of 7.28 yuan, down 0.32 yuan; per hundred dollars of assets to achieve the main business income of 113.5 yuan, an increase of 5.3 yuan; the main business of the per capita income of 1 million 332 thousand yuan, an increase of 161 thousand yuan; finished goods inventory turnover days was 13.7 days, down 0.8 days; the average recovery of accounts receivable for a period of 37.1 days, down 1 days.

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